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Notes from a Western Life
Ranging Far and Wide on the High Plains and Beyond
Linda M. Hasselstrom's Blog

South Dakota Authors

The South Dakota Literary Map published by the SD Council of Teachers of English. See the website listed in this blog for information about what appears on each side of the map and how you can purchase a copy.

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Want to know more about South Dakota?

Then look for work by the following authors who have something to say about our history and culture. And keep checking this list; I’ll add to it as I discover or remember more authors. In each case, check for a website and look for titles of the author’s works.

Limitations of the list:
-- contemporary and historical (i.e., dead) authors.
-- whose work I have read and liked
-- who write about South Dakota culture and beliefs rather than technical matters
-- including poets, nonfiction writers and some writers of fiction if it’s South Dakota-based

You can also find a list of authors on the South Dakota Literary Map published by the S.D. Council of Teachers of English in 1998 at Dakota Wesleyan University's website www.dwu.edu/sdlitmap.

Contemporary authors:

Elizabeth Cook-Lynn
David Allan Evans
Tim Giago
Paul Goble
Linda M. Hasselstrom
Paul Higbee
Bernie Hunhoff, (South Dakota Magazine)
Kent Meyers
Kathleen Norris
Dan O’Brien
Watson Parker
Lilah Pengra
Peggy Sanders
Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve
Kathleen Taylor
Sally Roesch Wagner

Historical authors:

Claude A. Barr
Black Elk
Ike Blasingame
Kate Bingham Boyles
Mary Worthy Breneman
Dallas Chief Eagle
Charles Badger Clark
Ella Deloria
Vine Deloria
David Dwyer
Ellen Goodale Eastman
Charles Eastman
Richard Erdoes
John Fire (Lame Deer)
Archer Gilfillan
Hamlin Garland
Lois Phillips Hudson
Leonard Jennewein
Robert Karolevitz
Edith Eudora Kohl
Robert Lee
Frederick Manfred
John Milton
John Neihardt
Helen Rezatto
Ole Rolevaag
Mari Sandoz
Luther Standing Bear
Robert Utley
Laura Ingalls Wilder

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