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Woven on the Wind Women Write About Friendship in the Sagebrush West All About the Book

About the Book -- Book 2 of the Wind Anthologies

Edited by Linda M. Hasselstrom, Gaydell Collier & Nancy Curtis

A collection of true stories, poems, and reflections from 148 women of the interior West, writing about their kinship with other women, whether friends, relatives or enemies.

A mother makes a harrowing bus trip during a legendary storm to bring her blind daughter home for Christmas with the help of unlikely friends; a woman comes to terms with the role her husband's mistress played in her own freedom and independence; a newlywed finds belonging in her new Lakota family; a trio of women steal a motorcycle from an estranged husband.

Woven on the Wind tells of the beauties, ironies, rigors, heartbreak and humor of western life and how it is enriched by friendships past and present.

With contributor biographies, map and introduction.

Hardcover Published by:
Houghton Mifflin Company
222 Berkeley Street
Boston MA 02116
Phone: (800) 225-3362
or (800) 726-0600
Website: www.hmco.com

Paperback Published by:
Houghton Mifflin, Mariner Books
333 Berkeley St.
Boston MA 02116-3764
Phone: (617) 351-5000
Fax: 657-351-1201
Website: www.hmco.com

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