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When Hot Springs Was a Pup --- by Badger Clark

All About the Book.

When Hot Springs Was A Pup -- by Badger Clark

edited by Linda M. Hasselstrom and Peggy Sanders

Published December, 2021

Story-filled history of Hot Springs, South Dakota written by SD Poet Laureate Badger Clark in the 1920s. This 4th edition includes many historic photos.


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About This Book
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But I Want to Know More
Linda answers questions about the book.


Who Owns the Copyright?

Follow the story of the copyright through the years, from the 1920s to the 2020s.


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Table of Contents
What's included in the book and its layout.



Who Owns the Copyright?



When Hot Springs Was a Pup, a history of the early days of Hot Springs, South Dakota, was written by Badger Clark and originally published in 1927.


When I realized the book had gone out of print and nearly been forgotten, I copyrighted it in the 1970s and published a couple editions, based on the original book's layout, including the original photos.


This 4th edition, published in 2021, edited by me and Peggy Sanders, includes many photos from Peggy's collection and other sources, a new foreword, and larger type which makes it easier to read. James Parker's skills in laying out the book have made it a visual pleasure. [He also helped me publish my book Write Now, Here's How and we are currently working together on a new book of my poetry, which will be complemented by his photographs.]


In January, 2022 I gave the copyright to the Fall River County Historical Society (the group that runs the Pioneer Museum in Hot Springs, SD) so that the book can stay in print for many years to come, and benefit the community described in the book.