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How Can I Get My Hands on Linda's Books?

What's Here?

Now that you've read all about Linda and her ranch on this website, we know you can hardly wait to read her books. Here's how:

Order Books Directly from Linda
Receive an autographed bookplate and Linda's undying gratitude!

Other Ways to Purchase Linda's Books
Should I order online or locally? New or used?

A Word about Book Buying and Authors' Profits
What's the difference between ordering from a big chain store or an independent bookseller, online or locally?

Support Your Local Library
How to get Linda's books for free-- though only temporarily.

Scam Warning: No Such Thing As a Free Download
Beware of internet scams offering free pdfs.

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Order Books Directly from Linda

We charge the cover price plus shipping and handling.

How Soon Will It Ship?:

Once we receive your book order we try to process it as rapidly as possible. Usually we're able to ship within a week. At times ice and snow-- the Post Office is nearly 10 miles away-- or other scheduling conflicts can delay us.

If you choose to have us ship your book(s) using Priority Mail, they should arrive within 2 days of shipping.

Media Mail is cheaper but takes longer to reach you-- often a week from shipping time. It may take two weeks or more if you live far from South Dakota, in a large city, or order books close to the Christmas holidays.

If you live in South Dakota or not far from the Black Hills region, we've found Media Mail to be nearly as fast as priority during most of the year.

If you supply us with your e-mail address we will notify you when the books ship and supply you with the delivery confirmation number so you can track their progress on the US Post Office website.

Shipping and Handling Costs:

media mail
$4 for the first book or tape, $1 for each additional book or tape

priority mail
$7.00 for the first book
$12.00 and up for more than 1 book

We use flat-rate envelopes and boxes for priority mail. The size of the books ordered will determine whether we can use the envelope or have to use a larger, more expensive box. Contact us via e-mail to place your order and we can notify you of the exact shipping cost before you send your check.

Sales Tax:

If you live in SD you also need to include your local state sales tax (usually 6.5%) calculated on the total of the book PLUS shipping.

Autographed Bookplate:

If you order directly from Linda she'll send you a copy of the book with an autographed bookplate included.

Let us know if you'd like any personalized message added, though if Linda is traveling this may delay your book shipment until she returns.


Please make checks payable to Linda M. Hasselstrom.

Sorry we don't have credit card capability at this time.

Where to Send Book Orders and Payment:

Linda M. Hasselstrom
PO Box 169
Hermosa SD 57744-0169

Let us know where to ship the book if it's a different address than appears on your check.

Keep in Touch

Let us know if you have any problems with your book shipment and we'll make it right.

But also let us know what you think of Linda's writing. Books are so often only a one-way form of communication; Linda really appreciates receiving brief notes from her readers.


Let us know if we can post your comments on this website, too. Thank you!

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Other Ways to Purchase Linda's Books

If you want to buy a new copy and your local bookstore doesn't have the book by Linda that you need for your collection, you can ask them to special order the book.

Take the publisher information and the ISBN (found on these webpages) to your bookseller so they can order the book from their vendor. They'll pay the shipping, not you, but the book may take a bit of time to get to you since it has to go through middlemen.

Or, if you have internet access, you can order the book online. You may want to have the publisher information and ISBN at hand as you browse for a copy. Unless you can get in on a special deal, you'll have to pay the shipping charges.

Please note these exceptions:

The audiobook Bitter Creek Junction on cassette and cd does not have an ISBN and was only available from Linda. We still have cassette tapes, but the cd is sold out. Sorry.

The limited edition hardcover of Bitter Creek Junction is only available from the publisher High Plains Press or from Linda. Only a few numbered copies remain.

The original paperback edition of Going Over East is out of print. A limited number of copies are available from Linda.

The original hardcover edition of Land Circle is out of print. A limited number of copies are available from Linda.

The original hardcover edition of Feels Like Far is out of print. A limited number of copies are available from Linda.

If you don't mind a used copy of Linda's books, you may be lucky enough to stumble upon one at a second-hand bookstore. Places like Amazon.com and Alibris should have both new and used copies for sale of many of Linda's books. And you may even make some obscure finds in your internet searches-- Windbreak was released in hardback as a book club edition; copies of Linda's early poetry books Roadkill and Caught By One Wing may be floating around out there.


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Find a Locally-Owned Independent Bookstore Near You

The IndieBound website has a search feature that allows you to plug in your zip code and find the independently-owned bookstores in your area.


Why should I shop at a local independently-owned bookstore instead of a national chain?

Your local community benefits when you shop at a locally-owned independent business:

According to IndieBound, approximately 68 percent of money spent at a locally-owned store will stay in your community compared to only 43 percent of money spent at a national chain with owners and headquarters elsewhere.

IndieBound also states that local businesses donate to charities at more than twice the rate of national chains.

And locally-owned businesses often create higher-paying jobs for people in the community.

The environment and local culture also benefits when you shop at a locally-owned independent business:

Locally-produced goods require less transportation and packaging.

Local independently-owned businesses often adapt to older buildings in existing shopping districts rather than building new big-box stores on the edge of town. This requires less infrastructure (roads, water, electrical) and keeps your traditional community alive and diverse.

Local retailers are your friends and neighbors –- support them and they’ll support you.

Why do books sold at big-name website stores cost less than if I buy directly from the author or publisher?

A big-name website can afford to receive a smaller profit on each sale because of the large volume of business that they conduct.

Beyond that however, some online book distributors require us to pay the postage to ship to them, limit the wholesale price we can charge them, and require that we cannot sell the book cheaper elsewhere. They pass along those savings to their customers by offering discounts on the cover price, but we lose money on each sale.

Then why do you sell through them?

We gain a spot on their website and chalk up the money lost on each sale to advertising. If we do not list the books on those websites, folks will assume the books are out of print and not available.

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Support Your Local Library
Get Linda's books for free . . . though only temporarily.

Ask your local library to order Linda's books, if they don't already have them on the shelves.

We will be happy to send a paper or e-mail list of the books, with publisher information-- just send us a note with your library's contact information.

If your library is short on funds to purchase books, ask them to order the title you'd like to read through inter-library loan.

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No doubt other titles beside Dirt Songs are being offered as "free" downloads. Beware!

Scam Warning: No Such Thing As a Free Download

Twyla M. Hansen, Nebraska State Poet and co-author of our poetry book DIRT SONGS: A PLAINS DUET, warned Linda in June, 2014, that she was notified about an unauthorized downloadable PDF version of the book.

When Twyla contacted their publisher, The Backwaters Press, they checked into it and this is what they learned:

"I found many websites saying that www.download-genius.com is a scam. That is the website that it directs the person to 'download' the book. I read complaints from people saying they signed up, gave their credit card for a $3.99 trial run fee and then they never could download anything and they had to cancel their credit card because it was impossible to cancel the subscription. So NO ONE sign up please!"

They also turned up this site complaining about Download Genuis:

Legitimate e-book sales, are one thing (though not all of Linda's books are offered that way) but, as the old saying goes, if it is too good to be true (Free Books!) you should be very cautious. And hey, the copyright holders of books, music, and videos deserve to be paid for their time, effort and (ahem) creative genius, don't they?

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