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Linda Online

What's Here?

Links to other websites where you can find All Things Linda, such as poems in print or read aloud, reviews of her books, and articles about Linda.

American Life in Poetry
Ted Kooser's weekly poetry column shared Linda's poem "Planting Peas" with 3 million readers worldwide.

Mutual of Omaha's "Aha! Moments"
Linda recorded a short video clip telling how her poem "Mulch" was inspired.

Linda on YouTube
Watch Linda reading her poems-- posted by the editor of High Plains Press.
Catch a glimpse of Linda serving pie at a local fundraiser-- posted by the Hermosa Arts and History Association

Linda's Poetry on the Internet
Where to find Linda's printed poems and audioclips.

Bare Root Review

Bare Root Review is a literary e-zine from the Creative Writing Program at Southwest Minnesota State University.

This online journal has an original poem by Linda, “The Westie's Nightly Game,” plus a photo of Duggan himself. Go to the Bare Root Review website and click on the link with Linda's name to go to the page with her poem.

If you prefer, you can read the poem on this website instead. See the Dog Stories page in the Books & More section.

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Cowboy Poetry Website

CowboyPoetry.com has three of Linda's poems available to read (no audio-clips).

published in Dakota Bones

Rancher Roulette
published in Dakota Bones

Keeping an Eye Out
published in Cowgirl Poetry: One Hundred Years of Ridin' and Rhymin'
edited by Virginia Bennett (Gibbs-Smith, 2001).

The Cowboy Poetry website's page featuring Linda, with a sampling of her poetry and some writings about poet Badger Clark.

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Dry Crik Review

Dry Crik Review of Contemporary Cowboy Poetry, a periodical edited by John Dofflemyer was published by his Dry Crik Press from 1991-1994. Each issue noted that it was "Dedicated to the well-crafted and artful insights of a disappearing breed of men and women" and was somewhat controversial because it published free verse along with traditional rhyming forms.

Dry Crik Review resumed publishing on the internet in 2010 at www.drycrikreview.com and drycrikreview.wordpress.com.

The Dry Crik Review website states that it aims to be "an eclectic site that offers poetry, prose and potentially other mediums and forms of art from rural cultures, with particular prejudice for contemporary expression from the American West." Currently, unsolicited submissions are not accepted.

Linda's poems at Dry Crik Review are:

The Barn Doors found here.

Instead of a Death Wish found here.

Morning News on Windbreak Road found here.

My Uncle Makes Up His Mind found here.

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People's Poetry

For three days in April, 1999, Linda and about 5,500 other people gathered in New York City for poetry readings, conversations and performances. Among other events, Linda participated in a late-night poetry slam that pitted cowboy poets against inner city poets in a smokey bar. Alas, the cowboy poets lost the competition due to inexperience, though they improved after the first round and began winning the applause of the audience.

For an audio clip of Linda reading her poem "Hands," go to the People's Poetry website, click on “Audio & Video Excerpts” then select “Past Clips” and “1999 Clips.” Scroll down to find Linda’s name. To hear the clip you need to have any MP3 compatible player including RealPayer, Windows MediaPlayer, or Apple's iTunes.

If you don’t have that capability or wish to read it yourself, you can find "Hands" in the book Dakota Bones (1993, Spoon River Poetry Press).

This People’s Poetry Gathering was sponsored by City Lore and Poet’s House.
Read more about them on the People's Poetry website.

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World of Poetry

Go to the World of Poetry website. Click on "United States of Poetry" then select section #6 "Portraits." Scroll down through the list of poets and click on Linda's name.

You'll find Linda's poem "The Only Place" along with a couple photos of Linda that have been described as "scary." These photos were taken in the bathroom of the Indian/western art store Prairie Edge in Rapid City, South Dakota. Once you read the poem you'll realize why they were taken in a bathroom.

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Writer's Almanac

Garrison Keillor of Prairie Home Companion radio-show fame also presents poetry to the masses through his Writer's Almanac radio spot, podcast and website. Each day, The Writer's Almanac features Garrison Keillor as he recounts the highlights of the day in history and reads a short poem or two.

Three of Linda's poems have been featured on the Writer's Almanac over the years.

Rancher Roulette
in April, 1996 (no poem or audio-clip available).

Coffee Cup Cafe
in August, 2003 (poem posted and audio-clip available).

Clara: In the Post Office
in July, 2002 (for Linda's birthday -- both poem and clip available) and
in September, 2010 (poem only).

The website uses both RealAudio and Windows Media formats and has a good help section.

Website for The Writer's Almanac and search for Hasselstrom under authors.

Or try this link to go to Linda's page directly.

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