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Crazy Woman Creek Women Rewrite the American West All About the Book

About the Book -- Book 3 of the Wind Anthologies

Edited by Linda M. Hasselstrom, Gaydell Collier & Nancy Curtis

A collection of prose and poetry about real women in the West and their connections to a larger whole. 153 women west of the Mississippi write of the ways women shape and sustain their communities. Whether these groups are organized, imposed, or spontaneous, this collection shows that where women gather, anything is possible.

An Alaskan town hosts Vietnamese refugees; a "posse of lesbians" helps a newcomer; San Francisco commuters ignore their squabbles to rally around a larger issue; a village in Washington conspires to keep a developmentally disabled woman safe; Canadian women provide food baskets; a hippie mother in California creatively supports her local library; an Afghani and a Mormon help a new mother of twins; a rancher reports on the reactions of cowboys when she chooses horse work over housework.

Crazy Woman Creek celebrates community connections built or strengthened by women that unveil a new West.

With map, contributor biographies and introduction.

Published by:
Houghton Mifflin, Mariner Books
333 Berkeley St.
Boston MA 02116-3764
Phone: (617) 351-5000
Fax: 657-351-1201
Website: www.hmco.com

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