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Bison: Monarch of the Plains All About the Book

About the Book

Text by Linda M. Hasselstrom
Photography by David Fitzgerald

More than any other animal, the bison symbolizes the American West. Linda recounts the natural history and Native American connection of the bison, while David Fitzgerald's photographs capture the grandeur and appeal of this awesome beast.

With 100 color photos, map, notes, suggested further reading and index.

Award Winner!
1999 Independent Publishers Association award: best environmental and nature book.

Click here for a webpage about Linda's awards and honors.

Bison: Monarch of the Plains
Published 1998
128 pages, Size: 10 X 13

originally priced at $39.95 – hardcover
new copies recently selling online for $24.95
ISBN 1-55868-406-9

Published by:
Graphic Arts Center Publishing
Portland, Oregon

Graphic Arts has gone out of business and their website is no longer available.
To purchase this book you'll need to search online for new or used copies.

Please note: Linda does not carry this book for sale, sorry.

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