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To see photos of the land, people, places, and things Linda writes about, click on the topics or just scroll on down.

Note: We are moving these photos with their accompanying quotes to the relevant book pages and phasing out this section of the website.

The Ranch and Landscape
The ranch buildings in 1953
View of the ranch from Badger Ridge

Prickly Things on the Prairie And we aren't just talking about Linda!
Barb-wire fences
Prickly Pear Cactus
TV Antenna

The People
To Love and Honor Linda and George

The Animals
Rebel Linda's favorite horse

For More . . .

More photos of Linda and her family appear in Linda's biography.

The Dog Stories page has photos of Linda with some of the dogs in her life.

A newly-updated photo tour of Homestead House is now available. Click here for pictures and more information about the retreat house and its surroundings.

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The Ranch and Landscape

The ranch buildings, winter 1953
The Ranch Buildings in 1953

The barn, corrals, outbuildings and house.

This photo was taken from a hill to the south of the corrals.

The white building at the far right is where Linda lived during her childhood. Linda hosts writing retreats in that house, now called Homestead House.

The windbreak trees were barely started fifty-some years ago when this photo was taken-- Homestead house is now very well shaded and the area is a haven for birds.

The view from Badger Ridge
View of the Ranch

This photo was taken from Badger Ridge, looking north-northwest.

Windbreak House is slightly left of center, above the stock dam and hay field.

Homestead House, the corrals, barn, and other out-buildings are on the right, amongst the trees.

You can see the Black Hills on the left-hand horizon.

This photo was taken during the wet years of the mid-1990s so the grass is green and the stock dam has water.